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Music Played at Joe's Oyster Bar in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico

DJ Booth at Joe's Oyster Bar

Music is played at Joe's Oyster Bar from opening until closing.  The music played is in both English and Spanish depending on the time of day and the composition of the crowd!

During the afternoon you are likely to hear classic rock and roll like the Doors, Eagles, Lynryd Skynrd, etc.  Many people hang out on the beach in front of Joe's Oyster Bar during the day just to listen to the music while they are sun-bathing or hanging out on the beach!

At night, when Joe's Oyster Bar is a night club you wil hear the latest dance music.  Recently, they have installed a couple of large video screens, one in the main bar and one at the back of the volleyball court.  So, now, Joe's Oyster Bar will play the actual videos of the songs if they have them!  The crowd in Joe's Oyster bar in the evening is mainly Mexican so you will hear more Spanish songs than you would normally hear in Canada or the USA.  Some of these spanish songs are awesome!  So, the music at Joe's Oyster Bar is the best in Mazatlán!

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