Restaurants in Mazatlan

Diego's Beach House

Diego's Beach House

There are so many great restaurants in Mazatlan.  We have compiled a list of some of the best, most popular, and different restaurants in Mazatlán from fresh seafood to sandwiches to bring your own shrimp to eating right on the beach to very fancy to different parts of town, check out our restaurant pages to find some of the best food in Mazatlán!  Be sure to check out all the restaurants on our Mazatlan Restaurant Tour!

Tony's Terraza

Tony's Terraza

Gringo Lingo

Gringo Lingo

Mazatlán is a large city so there are thousands of restaurants to choose from.  Mazatlán has the largest shrimp fleet in Mexico so you will find shrimp on the menu at most restaurants.  We highly recommend that you try out some of the fantastic Mexican food when in Mexico.  Our rule for eating in Mexico and not getting sick is to ONLY EAT IN RESTAURANTS THAT DO HIGH VOLUME!  All the restaurants we mention are safe to eat at.  We highly recommend that you follow our rule when eating anywhere in Mexico!  All the hotels in Mazatlán have restaurants that are safe to eat at.  However, eating only at hotels is boring!  We highly recommend that you go out and explore other restaurants!

Here we have categorized restaurants.  You can click on any to find out more information.  Also, remember we have our Mazatlán Restaurant Tour! where you can explore all the restaurants.

2016 New Mazatlán Restaurants

Friends Diner  

2015-2016 Most Popular Mazatlán Restaurants

F.I.S.H.   El Presidio Topolo  

Fancy Mazatlán Restaurants

Topolo   El Presidio   Sheik

Our Favorite Mazatlán Restaurants

Gus Y Gus -Golden Zone location   Panchos   Puerto Azul Las Brochetas  

Mexican Food Mazatlán Restaurants

Panchos   Gringo Lingo   Margaritas

Sports Mazatlán Restaurants

The Saloon   Dugout   Golden Star   Por Que No

Beach Mazatlán Restaurants

Joe's Oyster Bar   Puerto Azul   Diegos Beach House Surf's Up Beach Cafe Mr. Lionso

Bring your own Shrimp Mazatlán Restaurants

Mariscos Dunia

Seafood Mazatlán Restaurants

F.I.S.H.   El Fish Market   Mariscos Dunia   Shrimp Factory

Beef Mazatlán Restaurants

Las Brochetas

Old Town Restaurants

Topolo   El Presidio

Golden Zone Mazatlán Restaurants

Gus Y Gus - Golden Zone location   Marys   Señor Frogs   Twisted Mamas   Tonys Terraza   The Saloon   Golden Star   Shrimp Factory   Vittore   Zab Thai   Mishes  

North of Golden Zone Mazatlán Restaurants

Gus Y Gus -Marina Mazatlán location   Diegos Beach House   Ernie Tomatos Surf's Up Beach Cafe Mr. Lionso

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