Friends Diner Restaurant in Mazatlán - Information and Photos

Friends Diner Restaurant

Friends Diner Restaurant

Friends Diner restaurant is the newest restaurant in Mazatlan, opening in November 2016.  It is run by the same owners as The Saloon sports bar.  According to it's sign, it will serve comfort food, will show NFL football and NHL hockey games, will have cold beer and have karaoke live music!  Currently, they only have 1 television so it is not yet the place to go for sports.  Talking to the owner, Cindy, the plan is that the Saloon will close at the end of the season and she will move all the TVs over to Friends.

During the spring of 2017, they have a karaoke night on Tuesdays from 6pm to 10pm run by hosts Diane and Robert!

Just an idea, but the owners should consider buying or renting the property next door which is a large open-air event space then blasting an entrance through the wall so that they can have a huge outdoor patio!


Laguna y De la Garzas, Zona Dorada, Mazatlan, Sin., Mexico

When is Friends Diner Open?

The hours have not been published yet.

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