Hotels in Mazatlán

Hotels in Mazatlán

Hotels in Mazatlán

We have compiled a list of some of the best, most popular, cheapest and unique hotels in Mazatlán.  Check out the web page for each hotel for more information about it and photos.  Also, be sure to take our Mazatlán Hotel tour: Mazatlán Hotel Tour!

Mazatlán is a large city so there are hundreds of hotels to choose from.  There are hotels from very low budget to high-end.  There are 4 main areas where tourists would stay.  From north to south these are: Nuevo Mazatlán Marina, Golden Zone, Malecon, and Old Town.  There aren't any Sheratons, Westins, or Holiday Inn hotels in Mazatlán currently although a Holiday Inn is starting to be built in early 2015 in the Nuevo Mazatlán Marina.

Nuevo Mazatlán Marina is the newest tourist area of Mazatlán.  It stretches from north of the Golden Zone past the Marina Mazatlán all the way to Cerritos point and beyond.  It is characterized mainly by large condominium towers and complexes right on the beach.  It is primarily condominiums and there aren't too many hotels, although there are some.  This area is completely safe for tourists.  Since, it isn't a really walkable area because everything is so spread out, it is unlikely that you would be walking at night so it is safe.  As this area is developing, restaurants and stores are in clumps along the way, i.e. at the Marina, at Cerritos, etc.. Although the Marina area does not have any beaches, just past the Marina, the beach is long and beautiful all the way to Cerritos.  A few years ago, a huge hotel, Riu Emerald Bay opened on Playa Bruja, near Cerritos.  Nuevo Mazatlán Marina would be the area to go to if you wanted a more relaxing vacation where you primarily stayed in your hotel or condominium because you would have to travel to get to external restaurants, stores, nightclubs, etc..

Mazatlán hotels are frequently quite full now that the highway to Durango has been updated.  So, prices are higher and availablility is lower this year!

Hotel San Diego

Hotel San Diego

The Inn at Mazatlán

The Inn at Mazatlán

The Golden Zone has been the main tourist area in Mazatlán for the last 30 years.  It is located on a few beautiful beaches that were originally a sand bar in front of a lagoon.  The lagoon has long been filled in.  The Golden Zone is characterized by many medium and small sized hotels, mainly located on the beach or within 1 block of the beach.  There are hundreds of restaurants, many nightclubs, many banks, and thousands of stores of all types within a few blocks of the beach all along the Golden Zone.  This area is completely safe for tourists.  The area is quite walkable at all times of night, but we generally would recommend that you avoid the back streets and take taxis at night if travelling a distance.  Most of the hotels have excellent security and you are usually only a block away or less from a hotel in the whole area so security isn't usually an issue.  We also recommend that you don't get too drunk which can lead to problems anywhere!  This is the area that you would go to if you want the beach life along with lots of great restaurants, shopping, and nightlife.  On Friday and Saturday nights, many younger people from all over the state of Sinaloa come to the nightclubs, bars, and restaurants in the Golden Zone so it can be crazy!

The Malecon hotel zone runs from Fiestaland, the big white castle, south for 7-10 miles to Playa Norte (North Beach).  The Malecon is the boardwalk/seawall that is a wide sidewalk along the beach on which people walk, run, and bicycle.  It is characterized by older small to medium sized hotels across the main street, Avenida Del Mar, from the beach in the main bay of Mazatlán.  Interspersed between the hotels are restaurants, stores, homes, and even a univerity!  Some of the hotels have small pools.  One, the Del Cima, even has a tunnel under the main road to the beach.  This area is generally safe, but we don't recommend walking on the Malecon at night.  Also, closer to Playa Norte are many 'palapa' (grass roof) restaurants, such at Puerto Azul that are right on the beach.  These hotels are generally less expensive than in the Golden Zone and Nuevo Mazatlán Marina hotel zones.  The guests are mainly Mexican nationals.  This area is best for a budget minded traveller that doesn't have to be in a totally English environment.

The Old Town (Olas Altas) as the name suggests is the original part of Mazatlán.  It has a little bay with a small beach that is only about 5-10 blocks from the downtown area.  The area is characterized by having many old, some 500 years old, homes and buildings, with many restaurants and a few hotels.  In the last few years, the Americans and Canadians have been buying into this area, renovating houses and even turning them into upscale restaurants.  The area also has many art galleries in this area.  It also has the Plaza Machado, which is a beautiful plaza with restaurants, bars, and the famous Angela Peralta theatre!  The largest hotel in the area, Best Western Posada Freeman is a beautifully remodelled hotel with a rooftop pool and bar which is great for watching sunsets.  This area is completely safe for tourist, however, as for all areas we generally recommend that you stick to the main streets when walking at night!  We recommend this area for those that want a cultural vacation with great food and art!

Hotel Playa Mazatlán

Hotel Playa Mazatlán

Pool at top of Posada Freeman

Pool at top of Posada Freeman

Here we have categorized the hotels.  You can click on any to find out more information.  Also, remember we have our Mazatlán Hotel Tour where you can explore all the hotels.

2014-2015 Most Popular Mazatlán Hotels

Best Western Posada Freeman (Olas Altas)   Ramada Resort Mazatlán  

Fancy Mazatlán Hotels

El Cid Marina Beach   Royal Villas  

Our Favorite Mazatlán Hotels

Ramada Resort Mazatlán   Playa Mazatlan  

Nuevo Mazatlán Marina Hotels

El Cid Marina Beach   Riu Emerald Bay  

Golden Zone Mazatlán Hotels

Ramada Resort Mazatlán   Playa Mazatlan   El Cid   The Inn at Mazatlán   Costa De Oro   Las Flores Beach Resort   Azteca Inn   Emporio   Best Western Posada Freeman (Golden Zone)   Mariana   Quality Inn   Playa Bonita  

Malecon Hotels

coming soon...

Old Town Mazatlán Hotels

Best Western Posada Freeman (Olas Altas)   CLOSED-The Jonathon Boutique Hotel  

Lower Budget Mazatlán Hotels

San Diego   Azteca Inn   Mariana   Playa Bonita   Quality Inn  

Mazatlán Hotels on the Beach

Ramada Resort Mazatlán   Playa Mazatlan   El Cid   The Inn at Mazatlán   Costa De Oro   Las Flores Beach Resort   Emporio   Best Western Posada Freeman (Golden Zone)   Riu Emerald Bay  

Mazatlán Hotels All Inclusive

Riu Emerald Bay   Ramada Resort Mazatlán  

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