Mazatlán Doctors

This guy needs a doctor! It's just a Halloween costume!

This guy needs a doctor! It's just a Halloween costume!

If you have travel health insurance, call your provider first and go to the doctor they recommend.  If you are staying at a big hotel and get sick, ask the hotel for their doctor.  They usually have a doctor that is free of charge or for a small charge.  There are a number of private clinics with doctors.  If you need to use one of these be aware that they can be very expensive.  Always ask the price!  Tip: If you are not staying at a hotel and get sick, it may be cheaper to check into a hotel and use their doctor.  Mazatlán has a private hospital, Hospital Sharp Mazatlán, that is very modern.  Mexican Locals who live in Mazatlán mainly use the public hospital.  Americans and Canadians that live in Mazatlán are more likely to use the private hospitals.  More and more tourists are getting some plastic surgery done when on vacation.  There are doctors in Mazatlan that will do this.  Below is listed medical clinics that we are aware of.

Clinica Dr. Velarde

This is a walk-in clinic in the golden zone.  It is located in the Hotel Costa De Oro property at: Ave Camaron Sabalo #610, Telephone: (669)914-2512, email:, Dr. Marco A. Velarde S.

This page was last updated on February 18, 2013