Mazatlán Dentists

These 2 have great smiles so them must have good dentists!

These 2 have great smiles so them must have good dentists!

There are many good dentists in Mazatlán.  If you need emergency dental work, such as a filling or to fix a broken tooth, I would not hesistate to use a dentist in Mazatlan.  Many people decide to have dental work such as crowns down in Mazatlán because it can be done much cheaper than in the United States or Canada.  Below is a list of dentists that we have heard about.

Dr. Susana Pedrero de la Cruz

  • Address: Canizales 609 Col. Centro
  • Telephone: (669) 920 0132

Dr. Enrique Galvan Diaz

  • Address: Ave Rafael Buelna No. 202, local 10, Plaza La Conchas
  • Telephone: (669) 983-3300
  • email:

Dr. Arturo Barros de Cima

  • Address: Rio San Lorenzo 220-D Col. Palos Prietos
  • Telephone: (669) 982-0215
  • email:

Dr. Paty Ascencio

  • Address: Ave Camaron Sabalo 1502-8 Col. Sabalo Country
  • Telephone: (669) 668-0548
  • website:
  • email:

Dr. Eduardo Ibarra Z

  • email:

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